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Breath is a foundational tool that we begin with and use all throughout your PT journey (seriously, we wrote an entire blog post about it).

But we also do a whole lot more than that!

Something that sets us apart in our approach to PT is that we treat you as a whole person and a whole body.

We work with you to eradicate your pain points/issues AND to improve your overall relationship to and understanding of your body.

When we look at your postpartum low back pain, we don’t just see and treat your low back. We examine, strengthen, and mobilize every bit that’s connected to that low back, and we look at every activity you do throughout your day and the impact each activity has on your beautiful body.

What Sets OrthoPelvic PT's Approach Apart

You come in for low back pain, and difficulty lifting your children, and we are tackling your core-glute-back-pelvic floor connection!

We do not stick you with a static, generic protocol, walk you through some exercises, and call it day.

Everything we do is personalized to you, your lifestyle and your goals.

And you know what? Those change! And we change with you.

You may come in focused on stopping your leakage and returning to running, and then as we progress through, you realize that your right hip actually gives you a lot of grief and you want to work on that as well.

Fantastic, we’ve got you.

You deserve providers who know you, care for you, and will adapt and grow with you, not to mention providers who are up-to-date with the latest research and using methodology that actually gets results. We are those providers!

What is something with your body that if fixed, would change your life? What’s stopping you from getting help?

We’d love to connect with you and share how we can help. We offer both in-person support in the clinic and telehealth. Book your FREE 10-minute consult call today✨

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OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy