Pain-Free Intercourse Guide


This guide takes every tool in our toolbox that we use to treat pain with intercourse everyday and condenses them into ONE, go-at-your-own-pace course. This will help women who experience pain with intercourse at any stage of life


This guide takes a holistic approach to putting you in the driver’s seat to stop your pain with intercourse!

It is a go-at-your-own-pace, 4-week program, designed to give you all the information, tools, and how-tos to have pain-free intercourse (including exclusive videos only available through this guide).

This resource is a $2,500 value that will allow you and your partner to have pain-free intercourse whenever you want!

BUT, we see and treat SO much pain with intercourse, that we want to make this available to ANYONE, anywhere, anytime, for not even a tenth of that price!

This entire guide is less than the price of one in-person appointment at the clinic.

So what does it cover?

WEEK 1: The Physical Fundamentals

Get to know your anatomy
Calm your nervous system and get energy flowing top to bottom

Week 2: Connect with Your Partner and Yourself

Refocus on emotionally connecting to your partner
Take time to connect to yourself sexually and emotionally and forge new positive associations around your sexuality and intercourse

Week 3: Pain Science & Intercourse

What is pain science and what does it teach us?
Why is it necessary to rewire your brain’s experiences with intercourse and how can you do that?

Week 4: Strategies and Tools (tons of videos!) AKA…that good, good

Strategies and tools to ease pain with intercourse depending on your pain (+ALL the how-to videos)
Different positions to try and their advantages

+ a lube comparison chart AND bonus list of purchase/discount codes for all products mentioned

It is our mission to educate and empower women to feel strong and confident in their own bodies, and we want everyone who experiences pain with intercourse and cannot see a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist to take themselves through this guide.

It combines 10 years of experience of Pelvic Health Specialist, Dr. Kelly Alhooie, DPT, and former educator and postpartum mom, Molli Atallah, M.Ed. Both women experienced pain with intercourse and know how difficult it can be personally and in relationships.

You do not have to live in pain. Take charge and start your journey to pain-free intercourse TODAY.

If you know someone who could benefit from this course, please send it to them now. Share this on your social media, in your Facebook groups, to your book club—to anyone who you think it could positively impact.