Did you know that we offer two eBooks on our website?

We currently have recovery guides available targeted towards postpartum mammas on the topics of c-sections and leakage. They are FREE for our patients and available for purchase for those all over the globe who are unable to come in and work with us.

It truly breaks our hearts that there is so little education about how to care for c-section scars and how to treat postpartum leakage.

I, (Molli), remember being a little girl and hearing moms of multiple children complain about always peeing when they sneeze (can you imagine if they tried jumping on a trampoline with their kiddos?!).

Then I got pregnant and it started happening to me, and when I was postpartum, and tried to go for my first run, I didn’t make it a mile before totally wetting my shorts. I came home and cried.

I’m so grateful I had providers during my pregnancy and postpartum who said “This is common, but it’s NOT normal. I want you to go see a pelvic floor PT.”

My providers, CNMs, Hilary and Heather, of Loudoun Homebirth & Healthcare empowered me with this education, and that is exactly what Dr. Kelly is doing with these ebook recovery guides.

I’m grateful that Dr. Kelly treated me and listened to me and allowed me to cry. She told me “You’re not broken” and she worked with me down the long and often windy road of recovery.

After my personal experiences, I wish we could treat every postpartum mamma across this country, but we can’t. We can, however, empower them with this knowledge and implore them to pass it on.

Did you struggle with leakage postpartum?

If you had a c-section, did you know it’s important to mobilize your scar tissue so it doesn’t build up and put pressure on your pelvic organs (like your bladder which could lead to leakage and pelvic pain)?

Do you have a postpartum story similar to mine?

Please share this with a friend or loved one who would benefit from these resources.

Be empowered in education!

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