Did you know that your hip muscles make up part of the pelvic floor?

Say whaaaat??

Yes, that’s correct! Your HIP MUSCLES are actually part of the PELVIC FLOOR!

Your hip rotators, which move your hip in and out, have direct connections to the pelvic floor. What happens at the hip can affect what happens at the pelvic floor and vice versa.

So, oftentimes, hip pain and pelvic floor dysfunction go together.

For example, you may be experiencing hip pain and also have leakage with exercise. Or, you might have hip pain and also suffer from pain with intercourse.

The two are one in the same, so addressing and treating BOTH is often the key to a successful and full recovery.

To learn more about the connection between the hip and the pelvic floor, check out this IGTV from Dr. Lindsay. She gives a brief overview of the hip muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and how movement at the hip can affect what happens in the pelvic floor.

And be sure to join us next Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30 pm ET for our Facebook Live continuing the conversation! Dr. Kelly will be going live with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Parker, to discuss how we collaborate to treat the hip and pelvic floor.

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