“I wish I knew about you all with my first baby…”

It’s tough being a human in the world.

You only know what you know, and you do the best you can with the information you have at any given time.

We see a lot of mammas on their 2nd and 3rd and 4th pregnancies (and beyond), and they tell us “Gosh, I wish I knew about you sooner!”

I relate completely. I (Molli) started pelvic floor PT with Dr. Kelly around 3 1/2 months postpartum, and I was so wishing I had worked with her prenatally.

To be honest, in those early weeks of new motherhood, I was OBSESSED with having another child so I could use what I had so painstakingly learned.

Mothering your first is so much trial by fire, and I didn’t want all my scorchings to be for nothing (not that they were, it was just my mindset at the time).

But it’s okay! I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

For any future pregnancies, I know I’ll work with one of our PTs prenatally, and I know I’ll reap those benefits when I’m postpartum.

One of my close friends, Courtney McPhie, said on this, “Each of my three pregnancies had such a different approach based on the knowledge I gained from the one before. It’s so beautiful how we can be our own best friends and teachers.”

What a positive and self-compassionate perspective! How often do we need to be our own best friend?

And even if I never have another child, I know I could educate and advocate for my friends and loved ones and our patients. Knowledge that’s shared can never be wasted.

So give yourself grace.

It is, after all, very hard to be a human in the world ♥️

Be empowered in education,

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy