Low-back and SI joint pain seem to accompany the postpartum period like leaking
nipples and the need for adult diapers: unwelcome, yet very present.

Pelvic instability is natural after birth due to all of those friendly hormones, like relaxing,
still sticking around, and some even increasing (like prolactin, which helps your body
produce milk).

This instability of the pelvis can cause pain, especially in the low back and SI joint.

Pulling the belly in to the spine is an amazing tool to stabilize the pelvis and decrease
pain. This can be especially helpful when carrying and walking with your baby as the
added weight puts extra pressure on the pelvis (and the spine).

In the video below, watch what happens initially when the patient moves her leg up (as
we do when we walk and climb stairs). Her pelvis shifts as the leg moves (called
shearing) as you can see illustrated by the hand tilting down.

Then, after she is cued to tuck her belly in towards her spine and do the exact same
movements, her hands (and the pelvis underneath) do not move. They are totally stable!
If you are postpartum and dealing with low back or SI joint pain, this is one tip that you
can try!

If after, you are still experiencing issues, go see a pelvic floor physical therapist to be
evaluated. Additionally, please check out our free eBook on easing low-back pain and

Be empowered in education,
OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels