Afraid you won’t make it to the other side without getting wet?

We can help you achieve that goal! 80% of postpartum moms and MANY women who are not postpartum deal with leakage. It’s not normal but common and very treatable!

Some of the treatments Pelvic Health PTs use are:

  • Pelvic floor strengthening (commonly done after the lengthening phase of PT)
  • Teaching you “Knack” exercises
  • Neuro re-education of the  pelvic floor muscles (which commonly shutdown after trauma such as childbirth and surgery)
  • Bladder logs 📝
  • Retraining your bladder
  • Drinking enough water 💦
  • Treating constipation 💩
  • Limiting bladder irritants 🍷 ☕️ 🥤 🧃 🍊
  • Educating you on toilet best practices (relaxing not straining!!)🚽
  • Massage to supporting muscles

If you’d like to learn more but not sure you can commit to in-person PT (or don’t live near any), we also have a Stop Leakage 4-Week Recovery Plan available for purchase containing education, exercises, and many videos on how to stop your leakage!

Be empowered in education,

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy