If you’ve been in our clinic or reached out to us in the last few months, you’ve probably heard us discuss our tried and true LSR Method.

So what is OrthoPelvic’s LSR method and how does it relate to our ability to solve your problem?

Let me tell you!

At your first appointment, after we assess your specific issue and make a plan to return you to your preferred activity, we will implement OrthoPelvic’s world-renowned LSR Method. The LSR method works in three phases: Lengthen, Strengthen, and Return.

Lengthen: We have to lengthen the tissue to allow it to relax and incorporate breath. Adding length and mobility to the muscles sets you up for long-term success (visits 1-4).

Strengthen: We have to connect the mind to the muscle and re-educate the muscle to fire the correct way (visits 5-8).

Return: We look at functional movements and return you back to your preferred activities without any difficulty. The Return Phase allows you to not only be pain-free/have symptoms go away for a short time, but to have pain stay away so you don’t ever have to experience this again! (visits 9-12).

So if you’re doing the math, you’ve likely figured out that our plan of care is 12 visits. We space these visits out weekly.

Why 12 visits over 12 weeks? Because we know that it takes 3 full months for your body to make lasting changes.

This timeline of once a week for 12 weeks sets us apart from a more typical (and less effective) PT model, in which you will usually be seen 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. This adds up to 12-24 visits just for the first round. AND we know that 6-8 weeks is not a significant enough time to make lasting changes in the body. Additionally, in a traditional PT environment, many times a visit includes 15 minutes with the PT and then 45+ minutes sent to exercise with an assistant. We are not traditional at OrthoPelvic! You spend your entire hour with your incredible and compassionate PT.

We also do not rely on exercises once a week in-clinic (or via telehealth) and daily PT homework at-home to solve your issue.  We look very closely at your lifestyle and the positions and movements you find yourself in on the day-to-day. We even factor in that about 3 of your 12 visits will be over telehealth so that we can assess you in your home environment. This is invaluable to helping us change the postures and movements your body is in every single day as well as allowing us to tailor your homework to the space and materials you have access to.

If you’re dealing with pain that traditional PT could not solve, or you’re dealing with issues you want to take to the specialists from the jump, OrthoPelvic is the place for you.

If anything I’ve said resonates with you, book a FREE 10-minute consult call today. You CAN get relief and you CAN get better. Give us a call today ✨

Be empowered in education,

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy

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