Today, let’s talk FASCIA and MYOFASCIAL RELEASE.

Check out our IGTV video on what is fascia if you haven’t already, but to recap for you, fascia is the connective tissue that encloses your whole entire body and essentially keeps it together (and stable)!

Imagine an orange. When you peel the orange, the slices don’t just fall out. There’s that white stuff keeping it all together. That’s like your fascia! I hope no one ever peels you, but if they did, your muscles and organs wouldn’t just pop out. That’s because of your fascia.

So what is MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and how can it be an integral part of your physical therapy journey?

Myofascial release during your treatment essentially feels like a targeted deep-tissue massage.

Fascia should be pliable and elastic. But so often, it gets tight and tense, and we feel that as tightness and pain in the connected areas (remember that fascia surrounds EVERYTHING).

Myofascial release focuses on reducing pain and restoring elasticity by easing the tension and the tightness.

If you come to us with a tight pelvic floor, odds are, the docs will massage (perform a myofascial release) your glutes and inner thighs. Why? Because those muscles and tendons in your booty and inner thighs are all connected to your pelvic floor.

Getting that fascia pliable and relaxed helps your pelvic floor to become pliable and relaxed.

We’re working right now on some videos about what treatment with us looks like, and the fact is, it isn’t simple because Dr. Kelly is both an Ortho AND Pelvic Health Specialist. So she is combining her specialties to give you the best, integrative care.

And you know what? We’re grateful it’s not simple! You aren’t. You’re a complex and wonderful individual coming to us with a body full of stories. It only makes sense that your care should likewise be textured and tailored to you.

Be empowered in education!

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