Can your feet possibly be related to your pelvic floor dysfunction?


It’s all connected, friends.

Movement at the foot can impact your body all the way up the chain to the pelvic floor. An important link in this chain is the hip which is directly connected to the pelvic floor by way of the hip rotators and adductors. Our bodies are intricately and complexly woven together, and it’s nearly impossible for systems not to affect each other

So let’s go into more detail with two examples of what the cause and effect all the way up the metaphorical chain can look like.

Example 1: Someone with flat feet/low arches

Example 2: Someone with high arches and a very rigid/stiff foot

  • Stiffness in the foot means less force is absorbed when walking/running etc.
  • Because less force is absorbed by the foot, more force goes up to the pelvic floor
  • The pelvic floor and hip have to be stronger to counteract this increased force otherwise, this person may experience…

Not-so-fun fact: a lot of athletes (particularly volleyball, cheer, gymnastics, basketball, and track athletes) experience leakage because their pelvic floors absorb so much force throughout their sport. Typically these patients are young and have not given birth. We love working with them and teaching them how to stop their leakage! They often had no idea their leakage could be fixed as there is a culture of wearing pads to practice/games, and “just dealing with it.”

If you are “just dealing with” hip pain, foot pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, or honestly, any other nagging pain or injury that needs support to return to optimal function, book a FREE 10-minute consult call today. We know we can help you ✨

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