We see so many mammas and mammas-to-be with SPD (or symphysis pubis dysfunction) pain, so in this video Dr. Brita is explaining:

-WHY you can experience pubic pain

-WHAT causes pubic pain

-HOW you can ease this pain

Definitely watch her full explanation, but in a nutshell 🌰

Relaxin is coursing through a pregnant body helping the joints and ligaments stretch to accommodate not only baby but the process of birth.

The laxity in the pubic symphysis joint can cause the pelvis to shear, (or slide) which we really notice with one-legged movements.

That’s why with you SPD pain, we notice a lot of pain going from sitting to standing (and vice versa), walking, jogging, rolling over in bed, etc.

An easy way to ease this pain…do more with your legs together!

If you do barre, think “one long leg” 😉

Dr. B demoes some of these modifications for you!

Be empowered in education,

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy Photo by Anna Civolani on Unsplash