Before I get a lot of flak from the die hard Peloton-heads (this is what Peloton fans call themselves, right?), hear me out.

Many of us want an at-home workout that’s convenient and guided and that we can squeeze whenever we have the time. In this respect, getting a Peloton seems perfect bordering on dreamy. The Peloton company is truly incredible when it comes to community and programming. You can choose your workouts based on activity level, playlist, your favorite instructors, and even workout remotely with friends.

HOWEVER, I find that the Peloton could be triggering the pelvic floor. I am not here to create fear or disparage, but this is something I am repeatedly seeing in the clinic. I notice patients have a tighter pelvic floor and an increase in leakage after a ride. (If this is the case with you, try stretching your inner thighs before and afterwards to lengthen and relax the pelvic floor).

Biking/cycling in general puts the body in a forward head position with a rounded back (technically, you should sit with your hips back and keep your back flat, but let’s be honest, who does that…). When we sit with our head forward and a rounded t-spine, it compresses our spine and locks out our mid back. I notice this is especially detrimental with new mammas who are already constantly looking down at their little ones in their arms to nurse or rock or hold through a nap.

Is there a better option out there?

Yes, I think so! I am impressed with the NordicTrack Elliptical.

The NordicTrack elliptical increases mid back ROTATION which the Peloton locks out. It also puts the body in a more upright position that allows for hip extension, something not afforded from a seated position on a bike.

Research shows that rotation movements are beneficial for the nervous system and the mid back (thoracic spine). Rotation improves digestion, opens the chest, improves breath patterns, and enhances spinal/hip alignment. The thoracic spine sets up the rest of the body in alignment, so it’s vitally important that we rotate and keep it warm, something we generally do NOT do throughout our days of sitting and standing.

So for me, while I completely understand and relate to the desire for effective and guided at-home workouts, I find the NordicTrack elliptical is better for the body. I want to note that this is entirely of my own research and I am not working in conjunction with Peloton or NordicTrack. I just want to share my expertise as it relates to issues I see cropping up in my patients.

Be empowered in education!

Dr. Kelly