A common word that patients use to describe their experience at OrthoPelvic PT is “life-changing!”

Our amazing patient Kelly is a professional dancer, and before working with us, she had a labral tear and hip impingement (on the left side) and could only squat down as far as you see on the left side of the above photo and in this video!

Any farther than about 60 degrees and she had pinching and pain in her hips.

After 12 weeks of work with OrthoPelvic, Kelly is now able to squat ALL the way to the ground with no pinching or pain (as you can see on the right)!

She wanted to work with us to avoid surgery and she has been successful in that aim!

Kelly referred to her experience with us as life-changing (see below) and we completely agree!

It changes and betters our lives to be able to help men and women every day to achieve their goals of moving without pain and having stronger, more empowered bodies.

Way to go, Kell!!! It’s our great joy to help you along your journey.

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