For down there?

Yep. For some of us, kegels alone aren’t cuttin’ it and we need extra help.

Whether you’re dealing with leakage from pelvic organ prolapse, wanting to increase pelvic floor strength to help you do more high impact exercises, wanting to increase pelvic floor strength and stability because you’re pregnant and want to prepare for labor, or, like me, are unable to use your favorite period product (a menstrual cup) because it slips right down even though it’s empty and the right size, these weights by Intimate Rose are fantastic.

We also recommend their vaginal dilators and pelvic wands to patients, which are fantastic as well.

The kegel weights system itself is pretty simple. The weights go up as the color gets darker.

Start with the lightest and aim for 10-15 minutes of light housework (stairs, doing dishes, taking a shower).

If that’s too much, no worries!!

Many women with pelvic floor weakness can’t even keep a dry tampon in.

YOU are not weak. Your body just needs some extra TLC.

Until you can manage standing for 10-15 minutes without the weight slipping, sit in a supported position and try 3 sets of 10 kegels, holding 3-5 seconds each and relaxing for the same amount of time after.

So, inhale and do the kegel for 3-5 seconds, then exhale and relax the pelvic floor for 3-5 seconds.

The biggest kegel  mistake people make is flexing their abs. Do not do that!

There are many types of kegels, but to perform the most common among them, act as if you’re sucking in your pelvic floor, like you’re trying to get a tight pair of jeans over your vagina.

Once you can maintain the weight while doing light work for 15 minutes for 2-3 days, it’s time to level up!

Some people find their goals are met with the second heaviest weight and that’s wonderful!

I would still encourage you to keep this as a part of your daily routine (especially easy to work into the shower).

You can even progress to doing a little tug-of-war with yourself in the shower. What I mean by tug-of-war: gently pull the string of the weight while using your pelvic floor muscles to try and keep it in. Repeat for 5 reps.

If you have a busy few weeks and skip it, don’t be discouraged if you have to go down a weight when you start up again.

Life happens and not all progress is linear! Most isn’t!

Could you or anyone you know benefit from these weights?

If so, please share this ✉️

The more awareness we spread, the more women can live their lives the way they want to: without leakage, with the period products they want, with the ability to PR at high impact activities, or whatever else they damn well please!

PRO TIP: in addition to your strengthening routine, aim for an equal lengthening/relaxation routine. So if you spend 15 minutes a day strengthening your pelvic floor, try to also spend 15 minutes a day doing stretches to release and relax your pelvic floor and BREATHE into these stretches (frog and crow pose are two favorites of ours).

Be empowered in education!

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